Circulation Policy Evergreen Indiana Circulation Policy
Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms may be used by non-profit organizations and for educational purposes during regular library hours.

  • No fee shall be charged for the use of the room
  • All library activities shall have priority over the use of the rooms
  • The librarian shall be in charge of reservations
  • The library does not loan equipment to patrons
Internet Use Agreement

The library’s computer system provides the opportunity to integrate electronic resources from information networks around the world with the library’s other resources.  The Internet enables library patrons to access and use information beyond that housed in the library.

Rules of Use:

  • The Public Access Internet stations are available during regular library hours
  • Each person is allowed (1) one hour of computer time, but may be extended
  • Do not display objectionable sites.  Objectionable sites include, but are not limited to, profanity, sexually explicit graphics & images, or other sites that violate community standards
  • The computers hard drives are for storage of library software and information.  You may use your own USB flash drive (thumb drive) or CD-Rs for your personal data
  • Spencer County Public Library is not responsible for damage to your data, USB flash drive (thumb drive), or hardware due to library use
  • Only software programs provided by the library may be used on the library’s computer
  • Persons under the age of 13 must have their parent/guardian with them at all times while using the computers for Internet Access.
Memorial Gifts & Donations Policy

Monetary donations and memorial gifts are vital assets to our library.  We will use all donations to enrich the library and our community.

Monetary donations to the Spencer County Public Library are greatly appreciated.  Unrestricted gifts of money are gratefully accepted by the library to support programming, collection development, and technology enhancement.  Donations will be used where they are most needed.  Restricted gifts, gifts-in-kind, and gifts of consequence will be considered and accepted at the discretion of the library board and library director.  Donations are tax deductible, and a letter of acknowledgement will be sent to the donor.

Gifts are accepted in honor or memory of a person.  The SCPL Donation Form must be completed and submitted with each request.  Monetary donations are preferred so that new materials which are useful to the library and desired by the community may be acquired.  Donors must specify the amount they wish to donate.  Donors may suggest a topic or subject along with the type of material they wish to be purchased.  The library will try to honor topic suggestions, but cannon guarantee the purchase of specific  items.  Gifts of materials must meet the same criteria as purchased materials for inclusion in the collection and are only accepted with the directors approval.  A bookplate will be added to the memory item to honor the donor and the memorialized person, and a card will be added to our memorial file.

Spencer County Public Library – Library Customer Code of Conduct

The SCPL Board of Trustees and the staff strive to provide a safe, positive and enjoyable environment for those visiting our libraries.  To ensure the comfort and safety of all library customers/patrons and staff the following policy has been adopted.  

The library reserves the right to require anyone engaging in disruptive or destructive behavior to leave the premises.  The library may also restrict privileges for a specified amount of time or ban the individual from any or all library premises permanently.  If any staff member or public customer feels their safety is in jeopardy in any way or a person refuses to conduct themselves according to library policy, the police will be contacted.  

The following behaviors will not be tolerated 

Inappropriate/ Disruptive/ Prohibited Behavior not allowed on any library property:

  • Using abusive, obscene or profane language or gestures.  
  • Harassing, intimidating, threatening or discriminating against any member of the staff or any library customers.  
  • Improperly using library facilities/property.  (Including but not limited to misuse of the restrooms for shaving, washing clothing, bathing, smoking.  Misuse of stairs and ramps for skating, bicycling, skateboarding.  Misuse of the library as a place of business or to conduct transactions.) 
  • Engaging in any illegal activity.  (Including but not limited to defacing/ damaging/ destroying, or vandalizing library property and materials, stealing, selling/ purchasing illegal substances, voyeurism, assault, gambling).
  • Engaging in any sexual activity or act of public indecency.
  • Consuming or being under the influence of illicit or intoxicating substances. (Including but not limited to alcohol, drugs, and controlled substances).
  • Smoking, using electronic smoking devices and using tobacco products.  
  • Eating and drinking.  No food or beverages (besides bottled water with a lid) may be brought into any library building.  Equipment and appliances are for library staff only.  Library programs and events and some meeting room use may be exceptions with Director approval.
  • Bringing Pets/ animals into the library.  Only certified service dogs and animals contracted for library programs are allowed.  
  • Entering without shoes or shirt, wearing indecent apparel or offending others with poor personal hygiene.  
  • Commandeering, claiming or occupying a space/ area to the exclusion of others.  
  • Improperly using the computers and internet in violation of the computer use policy.  
  • Disturbing or disrupting other customers.  (Including but not limited to playing loud music or media, using cell phones, loud discussions, running and horseplay.) 
  • Soliciting, petitioning, campaigning, and selling are not allowed.  
  • Leaving children under the age of 10 unattended and unsupervised.  A parent or responsible person over the age of 16 should remain with children at all times.  
  • Filming or photographing any library customers or staff without prior consent.

Violators of this code of conduct will be advised of the rules and will be expected to correct their behavior.  If the behavior is not corrected immediately, the person will be asked to leave the premises for a specified amount of time.  If the patron is under the age of 18, attempts will be made to notify a parent in writing.  Repeated violations may result in permanent suspension of library privileges.  

Anyone refusing to leave the premises when requested to do so is subject to prosecution under Indiana Code 35-43-2-2, Criminal Trespass.  

Reviewed and board approved  – 7/14/2015