Detour For Marylee Vogel Branch Library Hwy 161

You can go out Orchard Road until you come to 500 (there is a stop sign at 500)  You will turn left at the stop sign.  Then stay on 500 until you come to Highway 161 and turn left and come into 
If you are coming down Highway 66 from REO you would turn right at Luce Elementary, and stay on that road until you come to 300. Turn Right on 300 and stay of 300 until you come to highway 161.  Turn left  and come on into Richland.  

The Marylee Vogel Branch Richland opened in 1997 replacing the Richland Book Stop.  Extensive remodeling was done to the building in 2005; however, it remained the same size and kept the same name.  Marylee Vogel Branch Richland offers services for all ages, including story time, computers, fax, copier, laminator and many other services.

 6014 W Division St, Richland, IN  47634     t.812-359-4146     f.812-359-4223

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 9:00am 5:00pm
Saturday 9:00am 12:00pm

What may I borrow once I have a library card?

Once you obtain your SCPL Evergreen Indiana library card you are allowed a max checkout of 100 items.  There is a limit of 10 DVDs, but books, audiobooks, cd-music, and magazines have no limits outside the 100 item limit.

How long is the loan period?

SCPL uses the Default (normal) settings for all materials expect serials use the Option 2 (long)

Circulation Matrix

What if I want to keep it longer?

SCPL uses the Default (normal) settings for all materials expect serials use the Option 2 (long)

Circulation Matrix

What do I do if the library material I want is not on the shelf?

Holds may be placed on most items in any Evergreen Indiana library.  Patrons may place their own holds via the OPAC, and may select their pickup location and notification method.  The software will refuse holds requests which do not conform to Evergreen Indiana policies (e.g. an attempt to place a hold on an item with a 6-month age protection).  Patrons may choose any pickup location for holds.  Patrons may have 20 unfilled holds in the system and will have one week after the hold is filled to pick up the held item.

My library card is expiring, how do I renew it?

To renew your library card you must present your card and current photo ID with current address to the librarian and be in good standing, i.e. any balance on your account must be under $10.00.  If the information on your ID matches the information on your library account, your card may be renewed.  If the information does not match, you will be asked to return with a recommended item to prove your residence.


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