Playaway Launchpads

The newest addition to SCPL’s circulating materials are Playaway Launchpads.  Launchpads are pre-loaded circulating tablets that require no downloads or Wi-Fi connection.  The launchpads are pre-loaded with learning apps & games, comics, and/or videos that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.  SCPL has recently purchased launchpads for ages 3-5 (grades Pre-K – K) and ages 5-7 (grades K – 2).  Check out these new launchpads in the children’s department at the Main Library – Rockport.  They circulate like a regular playaway or book, so you can check one out for three (3) weeks!


Launchpads must be checked out to a patron 18+ years.  1 Playaway Launchpad per family.  There will be a charge of $99.99 for a loss or damage to this item plus a $10.00 processing fee.